Introducing: Singer, Songwriter, Musician Patrick Hagenah

Who said you can’t sing about love in German??

I remember growing up hearing about a popular opinion, the German language was impossible to use for great love songs. Only since a few years we produce and enjoy a lot more pop and rock music in our own language. By now we can show up with a lot of diverse and creative talents in German on the global market. Just like Patrick.

Today I’d like to introduce somebody who might be a secret tip, so far and somebody to look out for in the future:

21-year-old singer & songwriter & musician from Cuxhaven, Germany: Patrick Hagenah

Besides creating a few beautiful cover songs, he writes beautiful ballads in english as well as in german. And he writes them quite well. Sometimes we just need something for our heart and not our ego and that seems to be what Patrick is all about.

Picking up songwriting at the age of about 12 was almost inevitable for him, since he had already begun honing his passion with learning to play the guitar from the age of 7. What he did spoke to people, so he was put on a stage shortly after writing his first original songs. Oh and because that wasn’t yet enough, he also picked up playing the piano as an autodidact!

I haven’t heard the songs he created with his former band “Against the Silence”, who got very positive press coverage, so I can only write about his solo music. Let’s listen:

Patrick Hagenah – The Flight (original song)

Das Drehbuch schreiben Wir – Patrick Hagenah

Patrick Hagenah – Satellite [Official Lyric Video]

Du & Ich – Patrick Hagenah

I’d say, what we got here is a diamond in the rough. Beautiful pop melodies, handmade music, paired with straightforward lyrics not just about love, but also different facets of human relations. Quite a fresh breeze in this climate of egos and definitely a recommedation.

Do I have something to complain about? No. I usually don’t do that. My suggestions would be to give the dynamic in his music, meaning melody and voice, a little more attention. The content itself doesn’t need change, but maybe its execution could use a little fine-tuning. It’s like making a letter or post more readable.

Patrick is one of those artists I truly appreciate. Talented and actually doing something with it on the right path. We may have found him rather early in his career, but that’s what makes it exciting. Seeing this young musician with actual talent, on his path generates curiosity. I will definitely keep an eye and ear on him.


Love, Esther

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