Here’s why I focus on independent artists…

…and try to stay away from gossip.

Well, actually, let me start with the latter first, because it’s a great transition to what matters more.

I deal with facts. I strive to only to consult sources that are trustworthy for a reason. Dealing with gossip is like putting your brain on snooze mode. That’s okay sometimes, but not what I’m here for.

The purpose of this blog is and always has been to promote independent artists and their careers.

We have a lot in common. Not just the love of music, but also our goals and struggles. We’re looking for the right strategies, tools and contacts to spread our work, build a community and possibly make a living with it.

Music is not what we do, it’s who we are. This is the first time in history you don’t need permission to have a music career. – Ari Herstand, independent singer/songwriter, founder of Ari’s Take

If you start digging, you might come to revise the opinion that the independent artist niche isn’t even that big. Actually, it’s the other way around: Mainstream media is just the tip of the iceberg. And that might be interesting, but the matters of independent artists are much more than that. They’re intriguing. As a bonus you’ll notice that interactions have much more potential here. And never forget; discovering new music is a delightful hunt.

If you don’t tag along with the mainstream, you have to put in much more effort to grow a genuine audience. But if you’re looking for quality more than quantity, it’s going to be so worth it.

I’ve always tended to root for the underdogs and there’s a pretty number of artists I’m already glad I didn’t miss. It’s exciting to see each other grow. On this platform it’s not about me, but about what I find useful, because that’s what I strive to be for you!

At the end of the day, interactions with like-minded people is what feeds our spirits!

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