Weird thing about musicians…

And there’s no doubt they deserve it.

Music should not be a product. Music is art and the artist needs to live and deserves even more. Admiration itself does not feed or secure a creator. Unlike many other professions, artistically creative people suffer more severely ( just my opinion) from financial instability. Situations like that can cut an artist off his/her ability to create.

If you want to support an author, buy their book.
If you want to support a musician, buy their album.
If you want to support a painter, buy one of their pieces.
If you don’t want to support anyone in particular, support an educational organization for artists.
Do something.

If you’re an artist yourself, you’re free to take this as a motivational rant.

You do not need to give away your art for free.
There are a few options to flexible pricing, like “pay what you like”.
Your audience can grow without you having to devalue yourself and what you do.

Embracing streaming despite horrible royalty rates, having to handle business by yourself, staying positive and creative despite the massive competition in any artistic field is more than enough.

This may not lead to the cure for cancer or Aids, but these days, we need a cure for hearts as well. And that is art.

We need you.

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