Indie Radar Spotlight on: Karmaa

Do you know what’s really refreshing in indie music compared to mainstream music?! The chance of finding genuine artists and talent not yet compromised by mainstream attention or habits and watching them grow.

The artist I’d like to introduce to you today is a perfect example of great talent mixed with an amazing attitude and genuity through and through.


Karmaa is a award-winning female rapper/singer/songwriter from California, currently living in Texas. She makes it look so easy to deliver meaningful messages in great music and have fun at the same time. What she stands for is never left unclear. Promoting the importance of mental health, equality, self-confidence and having fun in life is the thread that runs through everything she shows.

To inspire others to be good and better, to touch on topics that might be uncomfortable to talk about or just to spread her positive vibes is what makes her a V.I.P. in the (indie) music business.

Her music, lyrics and flow are what make her an already amazing artist. The lyrics are witty, funny and passionate, teaming up nicely with a variety of music that’s very well produced.

Her discography already is of respectable size, containing 3 albums (listen below!), 3 EPs and a whole lot of single publications.

Click to listen!
Click to listen!
Click to listen!

We might still call her an insider tip for now, but I’m sure it won’t stay that way for long. So you better catch up with Karmaa:

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