No clue about copyright?

That would be the worst thing that could happen to artists, along with a lack of creativity.

But it is very easy to avoid. I can well imagine that the economic and legal part of the music business is an annoying evil for many musicians.  To be occupied only with expressing creativity and skills?  A dream.

At least for those of you who also want to earn money with their art or even finance their lives. It is essential to at least invest time to learn the necessary things that are needed to build a career that is also economically sound.  In the long run it saves time and money if you know the basics and can ask the right questions.

Even those who want to make their music available to the public out of pure philanthropy should know about copyright and licenses.

The range of information is large and confusing.  Many authors seem to write for “professionals” rather than for the actual users.  I am firmly convinced that it is not necessary to use legal jargon to explain a subject. In addition, there are countless free videos with a wide range of relevant information.

It is essential to pay attention to which sources can be trusted and which perhaps only distribute dangerous half-knowledge.

For the record: Due to my 7 years of study at a German law faculty, I personally feel able to express legal facts and discussions in a reasonable way.  As sources or evidence I primarily fall back on legal texts and other official publications.  This is the standard.  Nevertheless, constructive criticism is always welcome.

One of my main goals is to pass on reliable – also legal – information to you to make you stronger for the harshness of the music business.

Here is your chance: You have a question concerning copyright or licenses?  Ask me!

The results will be published here for everyone, including references.  A discussion forum will be set up if needed. So that you don’t have to spend hours searching for good sources and ploughing through them, I have created this page here in the first place.

There are neither costs nor advertisement here.  The only thing you need is your active interest. The information on this page can not and does not represent legal advice in the legal sense.  But it is better to be well prepared and ask the right questions in case of doubt.

Whether here as a comment or on Twitter or Instagram, let me know what you want to know!


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