If everybody fakes it, ’til they make it, who can you trust?

When looking for a business partner to help you with marketing your music, you have to be extra suspicious.

I usually don’t publish negative reviews, just because I rather keep dislikes to myself. But this time I want to share some negative information about the music marketing company RAZRmusic. As you know, I’m all for the indie hustle and we have neither time nor money to waste.

Make up your own mind with the following:

On their website they claim: (to be) “the number 1 music marketing agency […] with 10+ years of experience. Helping artists gain fans has been our specialty since 2011. […] You will gain real feedback from active social media users relevant to your genre. We even provide an email list so you can keep fans updated.”

They offer Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud promotion, mixing & mastering as well as Instagram marketing and graphic design.

On their website they practically promise to deliver playlist placements, targeted streams and a certain amount of monthly listeners alongside a 24/7 support.

The Spotify deals, for example, range from $299 for a trial package to the “Diamond” package for $ 1199.

Here’s where my criticism starts;

1. When checking out a company, first thing I look for is the imprint on their website. If you are a serious company, you’ll want people to know where to find you. There’s no imprint on RAZRmusic’s website. In the U.S. it may not have been finally decided, if there’s a duty for commercial businesses to put one up, but why wouldn’t a decent and successful company do that?!

2. They don’t communicate with you before you pay for a package. Only after the purchase you’re supposedly able to get more information on what you just bought or how they intend to deliver.

3. On the Spotify services page there’s no link to the trial package!

4. They claim each package to be the recommendation for first time buyers.

5. The blog on their site seems very dodgy. All posts on these eight pages have been published either 7th or 22nd of January 2019. That does not reflect the company’s operations since 2011. All posts have been published by Nick Carr. We’ll get to him later again.

6. They claim to have worked with companies like Atlantic, Epic, DefJam and others. Yet there are only two testimonials on their homepage. None of both seemed to have worked with those companies.

7. Now, let’s take a look at their additional presence on the WWW: Firstly, they blocked me on Twitter.

I think they did so, because I was open to listen to the criticism people had. That actually made me aware of them in the first place. We’ll get to that later. Just for the record, do people think they blocked you completely, forgetting you can sign out and make a few screenshots?? Here we go:

I know, it’s just an assumption, but does the numbers look genuine or reasonable to you? And there’s still no hint on their place of residence. Same thing on their Facebook page.

9. The only person associated with RAZRmusic I could find was Nick Carr. He’s operating the blog and the company’s pinterest account.

I think RAZRmusic is just Nick Carr by himself and here’s why; If a company is as successful as this one claims to be, there would be more than one person representing it in some way.

Nick Carr is also operating account/financial management. How do I know? This is where Twitter and the criticism comes back into play: If you search on Twitter, you’ll find quite a few people who will tell you about communicational and financial conflicts they experienced with RAZRmusic. I’ll include one right here:

Note: “Nick” is the previously mentioned Nick Carr.

10. I’ve tried to get in touch with RAZRmusic via their contact page. To be able to give a more balanced report. Up until now I haven’t heard from them.

What do you think, is this a scam? If not, where’s the proof?

Greetings, Esther ✌?

6 thoughts on “RAZRMUSIC

  • 12. March 2019 at 07:20

    It a scam I got scammed by them I got emails saying they did this and that but never recieved the so called links that they out my music on any blogs got a list of so called fans emails but when I reached out they came back saying the the bogus stuff they are a scam no if’s,and’s and buts about it.

  • 12. March 2019 at 09:20

    It a scam I got scammed by them I got emails saying they did this and that but never recieved the so called links that they out my music on any blogs got a list of so called fans emails but when I reached out they came back saying the the bogus stuff they are a scam no if’s,and’s and buts about it.

  • 12. July 2019 at 11:14

    While we’ve done our absolute best to please all of clients their will always be those that aren’t satisfied. The notion that we are a scam is not only bogus but downright defamatory. I can show you proof of results on any artists campaign that claims we are a scam. We go above and beyond with every campaign and we expect unsatisfied customers along with the satisfied customers that is why we offer a money back guarantee for 30 days. Clients that refer to us as a scam are usually clients who ask for their money back after the 30 day mark which is highly offensive to my team of staff that works day and night to bring these musicians results. It seems like their is a attack on any business that services musicians (ie. some people refer to tunecore , dittomusic , reverbnation, and distrokid as scams) however these companies I’ve named haves stood the test of time and proven that are for musicians just like us. Each client we have signs an agreement that promises results and we bring those results everytime but online streaming success and good PR is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to success in th music industry. Some of our misinformed clients believe we are miracle workers that manage their careers but our terms are clear from the start. I’m open to having a dialogue with you about this issue but I won’t stand by and let anyone defamate our brand. We have proof of successful campaigns and actual emails from the clients your referring to thanking us for our services only to wait a month later and recieve a chargeback from them. Then when we fight the chargeback were a “scam”. Feel free to email me for the proof on any campaigns you have questions about…

    • 9. August 2019 at 20:01

      Hey Nick,

      We bought the Instagram Gold Package and havent heard from anyone yet? Can you let me know when you guys can start the campaign?


      • 29. August 2019 at 11:45

        Did you get any response so far?


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