Dev Dapree – Hip Hop’s Daughter

I rarely fangirl over an artist I just found.

Meaning, it usually takes more than one song to get me hooked.

These days it’s getting harder and more boring sifting through the massive amount of music online, that’s why I ask artists on Twitter to send me links to their music. I strongly recommend personal interactions and making up your own opinion, instead of just following somebody…

Last time about four or five people responded, which I turn into a to-do-list immediately. First person on the list this time was a female rapper named Dev Dapree. Let me tell you what happened…

I looked up Dev Dapree on her SoundCloud profile. I clicked on a song called “B.A.R.S.” (listen here) and I was flashed in a second.

That being said, let me at least try to give you a professional review.

Either you never heard this kind of style or you haven’t heard it in a long time by a contemporary artist. I’m talking about the style of rap and hip hop, that got so lost along the way of making money. Am I getting nostalgic? Heck yeah, I’m that old, just give me a second, okay?!

When Hip Hop got big in the 90’s it was about a message, personal, aimed at society. It was fun and entertainment, but not just that. Storytelling still was a thing and people just did what they liked, not what they thought would make them famous quickly. Artists generally painted a picture of whatever their reality was, not trying to portrait something or somebody they’re not.

If you think I haven’t written a word about Dev Dapree yet, you don’t know how wrong you are.

Listening to her music is a relief from what you get from a lot of people in the business today.

Dev Dapree a.k.a. Hip Hop’s daughter smoothly combines music that gets you into the groove with lyrics telling stories, painting pictures, basically taking you on a journey with her.

Some renowned artists don’t have the exposure they deserve yet, but no matter where you’re at in your career, it’s genuine personality that’ll get you somewhere, anywhere.

I suggest you get on a very strict mainstream diet and feed your ears and brain something worthy: Dev Dapree, Hip Hop’s Daughter.


Definitely one of my personal new favorites of 2015

“He told me sky’s the limit, but what about the galaxy?” – Dev Dapree “Sky’s The Limit”


Dev Dapree  on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube !!

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