Feeling stuck is just a feeling. Keep it moving!

So it seems like you and your art are not going anywhere and all your efforts seem to fail? Welcome to the club my friend. Most of us come here, from time to time, even though nobody likes it here. So let’s have a drink at the bar and chat a little.

No more bruting home alone, that’s how you got here, pal.

Let me guess, you are one of those people who should get more attention, because you are awesome and your art is as well? That sounds arrogant, but all I’m trying to say is, the higher your expectations are the more disappointed you could be.

Expectations, the very core of our problem.

Wether you are a singer, songwriter, producer, author or performer, we all want to touch people’s mind with our art. If we’d do it just for ourselves, we’d never publish anything anywhere.

Getting positive feedback is often crucial for our motivation to publish. It’s not why we create, but one of the reasons why we deal with the negative that comes along with putting ourself out there and maybe even trying to make a living with it.

We may think there aren’t enough people who see and feel what we’re trying to accomplish. But we don’t have to think of it as a point of devaluation. Yes, you should not just be your greatest critic, but also your biggest fan. So, we may not have found the people who like our stuff enough, YET.

We came up with great content, a thoughtful marketing plan and appealing graphic and written material. We got active on social media and built our own landing page. But still our audience doesn’t seem to grow. How are we supposed to be successful when we can’t even attract a crowd, right?

Two things. First, maybe our plan wasn’t that great or we didn’t follow through properly. Second, we just think we did all we can do. We didn’t. We all underestimate the neccesary level of hustle from time to time. I don’t mean to be rude, I just want you to realize, the only limit we probably have as an independent artists is that of our monetary budget.

We’re investing time and creativity. The world needs us.

There are a million+ low-cost and free options for us out there. Do you REALLY think, you’ve tried it all and done your best? I don’t.

Which leads us to the solution of our problem; Creating our own standards and harmonizing them with the business.

Creating your own standards and sticking to them may be the hardest thing to do in today’s music industry. It’s all about numbers and the right attitude doesn’t seem to matter.

But let’s ask ourselves; To whom does it matter? Looking for that breed of people inside of bigger labels, marketing agencies, production or distribution companies appears to be pointless, at least to me.

Have you ever tried looking at the two sides of a coin at the same time? That’s what gaining and growing a genuine, interactive audience is like. It’s not impossible, but we have to be creative and adapting constantly to do so. Finding and attracting the “right” people as well as keeping them deserves almost as much effort as your art. It deserves to be shared with the right people.

Anything else, like making business contacts and collaborations are opportunities that come along with you being consistent. Something I myself have a problem with, due to a lack of interaction or whatever…

What will keep your mood afloat, when the going gets rough and you’re pretty much on your way to the club again?

Self-worth. Self-empowerment. Self-esteem.

That’s why you have to create for yourself first! Because it’s good for YOU. Your art is not supposed to nourish only others, but ourselves first.

I know that is not an attitude promoted in today’s music business, but maybe that’s exactly what’s missing.

That being said, now you better get up off of this bar stool, have a good night’s sleep to start over fresh tomorrow morning. You don’t want to end up like Jane and John. They got so used to being here, they stopped leaving.

Do. Not. Give. Up.

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