“get deals, get fans, get better”??

This is the slogan of one of my favourite music industry podcasts. They have great interviews, information and advice for musicians who want to make it independently. That’s why I like to listen to this podcast on a regular basis. I recommend you try it here.

But each and every time it starts, I can’t help myself but being bothered by this slogan in their introduction.

Here’s why:

I think the priorities are pretty messed up in this. Getting a deal should not be the objective in focus. It’s getting better all the time, then earning and deserving the fans. Getting a deal might still be quite desirable, but it’s not neccessary anymore, as proven by more and more successfully independent artists, even in the charts.

The creators and hosts Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson probably thought differently or they weren’t aware, because regarding their content, their intentions are the best.

But I think this is not just a slogan, but a attitude and work ethic for a lot of contemporary artists in the business these days.

Getting famous fast, making as much money as fast as possible, creating media coverage by almost any means. And what do we get for that? A mostly generic sound mush and starlets that oversaturate the market, blazing on trails of real artists.

Why is that so many chart-successful artists seem so much alike?? Because having personality can get in your way big time if you want to do it big. You have to be really bold these days to take your personality with you on the road to success.

Every once in a while somebody with an outstanding vocal or performance talent gets to the top. But do we really need a perfume, movie, drink, clothing line, fitness video and what not from the latest starlet??

Raises the question: What is the difference between successful independent artists and most new successful artists with a big label in the back?

The degree of art.

Update: Contrary to my conception, this phrase is not considered a slogan. Sorry guys.



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