Review: “Surviving The Game” by Sahpreem King

For the last few days I had the pleasure of reading “Surviving The Game – How To Succeed In The Music Business” by Sahpreem King. This book was first published in 2011 by Wealth Of Thought Digital Press.

If you think this is just like any other music business advice publication, you’re wrong. Reading this, you’re in for a really nice treat.

This book deals with a diverse selection of topics to learn about if you’re in the music business or trying to get into it. Some readers even may quit it after receiving this kind of food for thought.

First, you’re led to do a thorough self-analysis. That may not be what a lot of other professionals write about, but that’s what should be on top of your list to improve yourself and your situation business-wise. It all starts and ends with you.

In addition to that, Sahpreem King clears up some common misconceptions about topics like publishing, teamwork, marketing, promotion and more. Also, you’re given professional advice on do’s and don’ts and how to’s concerning these topics.

It elaborates the importance of adaption and keeping pace with current developments.

To complete the lecture, not just in a single chapter, but as a recurrent theme, you’re being strongly motivated always to keep your own attitude in check by disclosing what might happen if you don’t. Competence first, then confidence!

You receive high-value, real-life, professional advice that have proved to work from a person who works both sides of the game successfully.

This is one of the few music business publications that are actually fun to read. It’s written in an eye-to-eye manner and definitely takes the rose-tinted glasses off your face. Besides, this book is not just educating, but very entertaining as well, because it’s loaded with anecdotes from Sahpreem King’s own career. That makes each lesson stick to your brain.

If you don’t have the budget for personal consultation with a professional like Sahpreem King, reading this book is the very next best thing you can do. This is not a one-time read, it’s much more a handbook or guideline, you can and should read more than once. Actually, keep it close to you until you internalized the advice and execute it correctly.

I would also recommend his other books

Gotta Get Signed: How To Become A Hip-Hop Producer and

Dude, I Can Help You: 18 Mistakes Artists Make And How To Fix Them

All three books are available here on amazon

The author also announced a new book in 2016, so watch out for that as well!!

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