Introducing: T-Rock

As promised; The T-Rock interview

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NCT: Why so mysterious? Why is it so hard to find you?

T-Rock: Its hard to find me, because I haven’t put in enough time to actually be seen as much as I should be on social media. I started back when there weren’t no social media networks and you had to pass CDs out personally……

NCT: Who produces your music?

T-Rock: I don’t have a lot of legit connections, so which ever producer catches my attention, be it be with a beat or I might like how he/she works, I’ll work with them like that.

NCT: Who and what is your inspiration?

T-Rock: A lot of up north rappers inspired me to rap, but first it was my sister. She said to me, one night back when I was like nine or eight, “You should rap!”, out of nowhere and I went from there.

I’m easy to be inspired, so it can be the way someone laughs or looks, I might get an idea. Whatever makes me feel motivated.

NCT: Do you have “formal” education in music/play an instrument?

T-Rock: No, I don’t play any instruments.

NCT: How did you grow up with music?

T-Rock: My uncle used to babysit me and my siblings and he would always be listening to music, so whatever he was playing I would listen. Be it be Run DMC or LL Cool J.

I was gamed and enjoyed being babysat by him all the time. 

NCT: Who would you like to collaborate with?

T-Rock: Dave East, Nipsey Hussle, Cardi B and Dreezy.

NCT: What are your favorite songs of yourself?

T-Rock: My favorite songs of myself are “Wat You Want”, “Friend Or Foe”, “Sexy Girl” and “My Block”

NCT: What’s your mission?

T-Rock: My mission is to get rich and give back as much as I can. ‘Cause where I’m from, there aren’t as many opportunities as I would like it to be for the youth.

NCT: How/why did you start to rap?

T-Rock: I started rapping after being watched by my uncle, who was listening to all the cool music. It sparked me to wanting to do the same. Funny story: There was this kid in the neighborhood that already had music out, so I heard of him. I was like: There’s a rapper in my neighborhood, this can’t be, lol. So I wanted to link up with him and it took a while, but we did! To this day he gives advice and mentors me..shout out “Eddie Sto”

NCT: Where else would you like to go, musically?

T-Rock: I would like to go far as possible to create a whole other genre. I don’t know what it would be called yet, but I can hear the type of music, lol, and be the biggest in the rap industry….

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