Mixtape Review: Y-Not Coalition

I am not your everyday critic. I’m a music fan. Period.

If I give you my personal opinion, I’ll make sure you know 😉


So I listened to this mixtape today…

When listening to music for reviewing it, I don’t skip trough, I listen to it beginning to end. Probably more than one time. And I like to do a little research on the side. All I found about Y Not Coalition (Young Niggas On Top) were three websites with the mixtape you’re going to be reading about in a few sec, including a short description. On the one hand that makes it hard to evaluate the material, on the other hand it’s genius to force people to focus on the music. The only reason I could think of for not backing up the mixtape with further online presence (social media etc.) is, that this is a very young project. The one interesting background info I did find was that Y Not Coalition is not just a rap group, but a conglomerate of five different rap groups.

About their mixtape:

First off, the production is right on point. There’s no way this wasn’t produced by a professional, someone or some people who know what their doing. This mixtape could be homemade like so many others, but sounds as good as made in a high-end studio, unlike many others.

As a quicky review, I’d say this is a heartfelt and banging rap mixtape, with a little something for almost everybody.

The first thing I recognized was the different level of skill amongst the group. This is not a unusual circumstance, but in this case it’s very obvious and makes the project more interesting, because, let’s face it, the supply of rap groups is amazingly vast and it gets harder and harder to stand out.

And I like that, because music is about teamwork.

One thing that bothers me personally, is the use of autotune, especially when the song doesn’t need it. The song “Trap Girl”, which has some beautiful piano parts for example, but relies heavily on autotune, wouldv’e sounded much better in my ears without it.

I think artists shouldn’t use it at all, at least since Lil Wayne made it his “trademark” worldwide. Who wants to sound like him, intentionally? (Calm down, I’m sure he can take a joke 😉

There are some jewels on this mixtape, like “Accolades” and the adlips on “I Mite” are worth paying attention to.


You find the mixtape right here

And guys, if you’d like help with your artist bio, let me know…

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