MOOCs for Musicians

“Learning is like swimming against the stream. Once you give up, you just drift along.” That’s my version of a chinese saying.

Therefore I present to you today a hand-picked list of music-related MOOCs for every level of musicianship. These moocs are self-paced or class-like and launching in the near future.

Self-development and -improvement is a core value of art. So do yourself a favor.

  1. How to Read Music for Busy People
  2. Music Marketing Demystified
  3. Updating your Digital Music Distribution
  4. A New Approach to Piano and playing songs for Beginners
  5. Introduction to the Music Business
  6. Learn Guitar in 21 days

  7. Developing your Musicianship

  8. Jazz Improvisation

  1. Band as Business, Musician as Entrepreneur

  2. Introduction to Music Production

  3. Introduction to the Music Business

  4. Composing with Computers

  5. Vocal Recording Technology

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