Music Business’ Must Reads Part 1

 Knowledge is power

1. Music is Your Business, The Musician’s Four Front Strategy for Success, Third Edition, by Christoper Knab and Bartley F. Day

    Knab and Day explore and dissect the music industry and give valuable advice on how to properly create sustainable success.

Fourth Edition coming up soon, stay in touch for further notice!

2. Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry, Second Edition by Peter Tschmuck

     A very detailed work on the sources and mechanisms of creativity and innovation by a historical and scientific approach

3. Networking Strategies for the New Music Business by Dan Kimpel

    This is a self-improvement book for people in the music industry as well as a handbook of up-to-date marketing tools and ideas

4. Music Law, How to Run Your Band’s Business, by Attorney Richard Stim (NOLO)

    Everything that matters legally to bands (or single artists)

5. MUSIC BUSINESS, The Key Concepts, by Richard Strasser

    A great dictionary exclusively for the music business, great reference guide


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