Real name or stage name? Food for thought

The beginning of your career lies in the moment you decide to turn your dreams into goals and actions.

That’s an exciting time!

But before you go public / start building an audience, ask yourself; How much privacy do you want to keep?

Privacy starts with your name and your real name is the key to your home. The skilled of the crazies might find out relevant information about you and try to benefit from it. The crazy of the crazies could try to go even further.

Privacy is a precious good.

On the other hand, you might equal genuity with credibility. You wouldn’t be wrong either. It’s a good thing to “keep it real”.

If you decide to use a stage name, please remember; The level of creativity / weirdness of your stage name should reflect or relate to the level of creativity / weirdness in you. Meaning, there’s really no need to get overboard.

The same goes for band names.

Just ask yourself, how much would that name fit you in 10 – 20 years?

What are the funniest artist or band names you know? Comments welcome!

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