Why Music Education Benefits Our Society

Music is communication, far beyond the use of words.

In this day and age art only seems to count, where it derives a substantial amount of financial profit. But we can easily figure out where that attitude led us, if we take a look at the music business today.

Mainstream music and artists are sustainable as fast food.

We are supposed to know a little bit of everything to prepare us for life and become a useful member of society. But why is music education such a loser in education at school and at home? Often times it’s the first subject to get cut or it only counts as an extra-curricular. And at home there are so many other things you have to take care of.

According to a report issued by the Canadian Royal Conservatory in april 2014 (read in new window), people who take part in music education have stronger neural connections, can process information better, even gain a higher IQ. They are said to have better memory and attention as well and last, but not least better motor coordination.

by Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada


And these are just the physical benefits of music education.

If we don’t teach the following generations to comprehend, really listen to music, all we leave them with is the comsumption of music.

You can discuss politics, philosophy and overall society issues by examining songs and their circumstances.

We can raise awareness of the power of music and the ways it moves us or is used for manipulation with good or bad intentions.

Working with music gives you another chance to realize how much even the most different nations and cultures have in common.

I’m not saying every child should be able to master an instrument on a professional level. But learning basic music theory will exercise and improve abstract thinking skills. Learning to play an instrument will improve MANUAL skills as well as the ability to apply abstract theory.

I know I’m reaching for the stars here, but can a musicians’ heart dream for once? Thanks.


Richard Gill – The Value Of Music Education Youtube video

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