26 free opportunities to become a better artist

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There are too many aspects of more or less professional musicianship and art to be on top in every department. Learning is improving.


Note: Coursera didn’t and doesn’t initiate, endorse or finance this recommendation. Nor did any of the colleges.

I. Music Business

  1. Navigate the Music Industry as an Independent Artist   by Berklee College of Music
  2. Music Business Foundations   by Berklee College of Music
  3. Understanding the Music Business: What is Music Worth?   by Vanderbilt University
  4. Today‚Äôs Music Industry   by West Virginia University


II. Music Production 

  1. Getting Started With Music Theory   by Michigan State University
  2. The Blues: Understanding and Performing an American art form   by University of Rochester
  3. Introduction to guitar   by Berklee College of Music
  4. The Technology of Music Production   by Berklee College of Music
  5. Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics   by University of Rochester
  6. Pro Tools Basics   by Berklee College of Music
  7. Fundamentals of Music Theory   by The University of Edinburgh
  8. Developing your Musicianship   by Berklee College of Music
  9. Survey of Music Technology   by Georgia Institute of Technology
  10. Music Production Specialization   by Berklee College of Music
  11. Musicianship: Chord Charts, Diatonic Chords and Minor Keys   by Berklee College of Music
  12. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics   by Berklee College of Music
  13. Introduction to Ableton Live   by Berklee College of Music
  14. The Art of Vocal Production   by Berklee College of Music

III. Music History

  1. Introduction to classical music   by Yale University
  2. History of Rock, part I   by University of Rochester
  3. The American South: Its Stories, Music and Art   by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


IV. Others

  1. Music as biology: What we like to hear and Why   by Duke University
  2. Music & Society  by University Leiden, University of the Arts The Hague
  3. Copyright for Multimedia   by Duke University, Emory University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  4. Internet Giants: The Law and Economics of Media Platforms   by University of Chicago
  5. Introduction to Marketing   by University of Pennsylvania

If you decide to take a course, let me know. We might take it together!
I’m using the app on my Android phone and I really like it. You can access your account from everywhere on a Desktop computer, phone or tablet. You get a load of great education for free. I don’t remember seeing ads in the app.

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