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Don’t you hate the feeling of being late on something awesome and helpful? Well, I am.

But I think I can make it up by reporting to those of you, who don’t know or use this service yet.

I always love to make recommendations that will save you time and/or money, so here we go:

I recently bought the album “This Was Never Home” by Arrested Development on their own website. The purchase and the service has been so quick and convenient that I just had to let you know.

First off, why don’t you all sell your music on your own website? Of course I understand wanting to use other services like Spotify or bandcamp. They have a high number of users, meaning highly extensive coverage. But why not use a method, which let’s you keep EVERYTHING after taxes? There’s no question, your profit is exponentially higher when you take the middleman out of the equation.

What is Wix Music?

Well, Wix Music is the cherry on top of a great service. Wix itself, as the parent service, runs about 90 million websites. Users are able to easily create and maintain a professional website. There are many options and templates to choose from, to change and tweek your website’s functionality to your and your audiences’ requirements.

Wix Music let’s you sell your music and merchandise directly to your audience without taking a commission. With different applications you can set up an automated “Thank You” message as well as customer reviews and more. There are many options to make this a great purchase interaction.




Whats the hook?

“Free”. You pay for the service with accepting ads.

Note: The graphic above doesn’t make clear that the free plan also includes WixMusic!

The ads. Of course a free plan will contain ads. Depending on how prominent those are, that’s something to accept, given the great benefits you still can reap from it.

From the peeps at Wix:

“About the Wix ads on the free sites: Wix’s business model is Freemium, meaning users can use every feature of our product completely free. Wix offers valuable premium services (hey, we need to make money too), but our business model allows us to provide everyone a professional website for free. Users that wish to upgrade their site will have the ads removed and receive a free yearly domain name (in case they don’t already have a domain they would like to transfer), as well as free 125$ coupons worth for advertising on Google/Bing. We’re offering number of premium plans that enables our users to get more storage and bandwidth, remove the Wix ads, and the connect their Wix site to their own domain name. Payment for a premium service is still a much cheaper solution for a website creation than other tools out there (whether other online web development platforms or hiring designers).”

No export or archive feature. Meaning, if you want to move your website to another host, that will most probably be a tedious procedure. This is an important point to consider for your website’s future.

Wix Support on Selling Your Music click here.

I was really curious how much space the ads take up on one of their free websites. I didn’t find any yet. Feel free to submit yours in the comment section.


“Wix is an awesome tool to build your website and share your music with, and it benefits artists greatly because the service offers so much more than you think you would ever need. You can customize the templates to fit the layout to your liking, upload and display your tracks, add your songs to streaming services and even reach out to your fans with an email marketing service – all this under one roof. While their cheapest plan can certainly do better, their free plan is a great springboard for any musician wishing to build his or her own website without shelling out money. Their premium plans are a worthy upgrade for those who probably are more serious and/or successful and therefore need a more feature-laden website. So, don’t keep your music in your garage; let people from all over the globe hear your voice and talent with Wix Music!” – comparakeet 

A how to video:


Wix Support on Selling Your Music click here.


Does anyone of you work with Wix? Would you consider that? And finally, yes, I will get into WordPress options to sell your music online as well!

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This recommendation comes from a great user experience.


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