Xavier Naidoo – How political correct does he have to be?

Why this brown man won’t be representing Germany as an artist          …and nobody’s going to be able to pull the race card on this one.

Xavier Naidoo is a hugely successful Soul and R’n’B singer in germany.

He has published 14 albums and 51 singles so far, sold 6.1 million records and belongs amidst germany’s most succesful artists. No wonder he received more than 20 renowned german awards.

So why wouldn’t he be allowed to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm?

Well, because lately there has been a lot of public uproar against this admittely polarising artist, more than ususal and just because of his nomination for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

He is undoubtedly made some points and shared political views that might put him in a right-wing corner, busy with conspiracy theories and apocalyptical religious views. Yet nobody can deny, he still has a huge fanbase as a solo artist as well as with the group “Söhne Mannheims” (sons of Mannheim).

I wonder if this really is a political or an image problem for the people in charge? I doubt many people abroad know of the controversies Xavier Naidoo has caused in germany. Or if they even care.

Even though his nomination has been withdrawn in the meantime, the question remains, how much political correctness do we demand from our artists, regarding we live in a free country that prides itself with freedom of speech?

At least they didn’t go through with it just for the sake of shock value. I guess they need to cherish the few people still interested in that competition. Well done.

But what do you think? I’d love to open up a discussion about this. How do artists balance their freedom and political correctness??

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