If you want to write about music, you can’t pass the United Kingdom. And so I’m happy to introduce to you today, UK rapper, songwriter and producer Bionic.

The most important thing about an artist is his/her work, but let me start off with something else he’s doing quite great.

I often wonder why so many artists don’t have a landing page. You know, ONE place in the web where people can find ALL your stuff or links to it.

If you visit you will find exactly what you need. Links to his earlier work, the new stuff, social media and that’s it. The page’s design is sleek and a perfect example of not needing to be hype, but strongly communicating what he stands for: The focus is his art. A whole lot of people could learn a quick lesson from that.

To give you just a hint of his style; he describes himself as “The Gorillaz, Calvin Harris & Coldplay on set of the (1982) TV Series “Knight Rider”, which sounds a little absurd to me. I love absurd.

His style is definitely more electronical than the “classic” rapper, which makes it already quite interesting. Besides that, let me say it’s not too easy to stand out these days, so if I see an artist focusing on the art more than on entertainment and still standing out by the way they do it, I’m impressed. And maybe you’ll be too, if you take a few minutes to listen to his song!

We got in touch on twitter a few days ago, where he sent me his latest work, a remix of a song by Adam Daniels, called “Go Get What You Want”. Of course I listened to the original song, for comparing purposes and I quickly could recognize, why the remix, even though it’s a nice song already, makes it so much better.

Bionic integrated a much better and actually brilliant progression to the song, which makes it much more emotional. By doing that he created a much better support for the lyrical content. The remix is indeed much more moving than the original. Kudos to that, because what happens much more often is a song being ripped apart by a remix, just creating another version, but no enhancement at all. That makes Bionic special to me, so far.

Having not just work with some of the big names in the industry, Bionic has a long list of stage experience to offer. To me this looks like a re-launch of his brand, because he hasn’t just started yesterday, but has seemingly not published anything else lately.

Seeing that this is the first work in quite a while, I’m still keen on hearing more from him, remixes as well as original artwork.

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