Humble The Poet – so so sikh…

Let’s get it straight right from the beginning.

Kanwer Singh Mahl a.k.a. Humble The Poet is not indian. He’s sikh-canadian. With roots in and a lot of love for the punjab. He’s not a MC, he’s a poet. He’s not a musician, he’s a writer and he’s doing spoken word. Furthermore, he is and gives a great example of using social media as a independent artist while being able to transfer that into real life interactions. Spoiler alert! Humble The Poet is an amazing artist, who will blow your mind. If it’s open.

When I first got to see him it was in a funny and amazing music video called “LEH”. A bearded man with a pagh as one part of a duo in a hip hop/pop video? That made me curious. To be true, I am a little jaded by all the people I see, trying to be rappers. So I wanted to see what this so serious looking guy had to say and how he’d say it. You know, checking out not only his “swagger”, but his message. I think I’m too old for this lingo, gee. After seeing this video I got totally hooked. So I did a little research. he does musically is influenced by Hip Hop moguls like Andre3000 (Outkast), Lauryn Hill and Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony. The variety in his music created by deep beats, piano sounds, flutes and others on a A1-production level serve the lovers of old school music as well as contemporary tastes. When it comes to his lyrics I’d like to use a line from Mike Shinoda’s “Remember the name”; “You won’t believe the kinda shit that comes outta this kid’s throat”. True. If you dare to listen, you will be captured by the stories and emotions behind them, which deal with life, love, immigrant issues as well as self-development.

HOW he does it is influenced by another great character in history, Mr. Malcom X, quoting him “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”. That’s what makes him think about different ways to get his intended message across, not catering to anyones ego.

To get his message across, he doesn’t only use music as a medium. He has recently published a book, “UnLearn: 101 Simple Truths For A Better Life” , to remind us of the need and option to get rid of too much “book wisdom”, remembering good intuition and building our own philosophies.

A collection of thoughts helping you to discover or re-discover the amazing power each and every one of us has to change a life/our life to the better. We all have to be reminded sometimes… Two of my favorite qotes from Humble The Poet:

“Reputations are prisons. So fuck them.”

“I feel like hip hop needs the same respect Shakespeare gets.”


My advice to YOU, listen to his music, watch the documentary about him, read his book. Stay updated! All the links you need you’ll find below!

The website

The documentary

The app

The book







merch on spreadshirt


and this one right here:








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