New Spotlight: Gina French!

The beauty of simplicity comes with genuine commitment.

When you listen to Gina singing and playing the guitar, she opens a window to her emotional and intellectual world, if you let her.

That’s what a real artist is about, no matter what stage of their career they’re at. Gina, like so many other independent artists, possesses a long list of experiences, collaborations, recordings and performances. I recommend you visiting her artist page where you’ll find a lovely collection of music, pictures and links.

Some people really seem do to their thing just for the unyielding love of music.

The last time I heard and saw somebody not just entertaining but mesmerizing her audience just with her voice and guitar was Tracy Chapman and that was a pretty while ago.

Her songs deal with of love and longing, of memories and experiences in an atmosphere of departure, both positive and negative. The moods range from fragile tranquility to more rhythmic and moving energy. Another artist you can and should really listen to, not just hear.

Some people may call it folk(-ish), I call it acoustic. But I‘m sure we can all agree on Gina French being an awesome songstress.

I wish I had the chance to see her perform live one day, because I know not a single recording can properly convey the power that I assume lays in her stage presence. If you can be convincing with a setup simple like that, you have to be good. Less distractions, more art.

You can should listen to her music on her website!

Or on you soundcloud app on the go? Click right here!

You can follow her on twitter @ginafrenchmusic!

And watch her on Youtube!

2 thoughts on “New Spotlight: Gina French!

  • 16. January 2017 at 23:43

    How can I thank you enough, Esther?! What a beautifully written article about me. Inspiring and thoughtful!
    I appreciate you taking the time to listen to and survey my songs and style, with such great intuition and support! Looking forward to – providing future material and videos, and in adding more to this musical journey that I’ve been on for awhile. I’m so humbled and grateful to you!! Best Wishes, Gina

  • 1. February 2017 at 05:24

    Gina has that essential “something.” I feel. And it IS about feel. The human voice is what we all relate to, though it’s certainly subjective. Does everyone like Bob Dylan’s voice? Does everyone like Mariah Carey’s voice? But no denying, either one, there is something being communicated; there are feelings and messages. Gina is one of those truly gifted communicators. She writes amazing songs and delivers them in a very personal, confessional, eloquent style, not unlike one of her idols, Leonard Cohen. The very first time I heard her, I knew I wanted her to sing on my songs. And so she has and I am very grateful, proud, and happy. Esther has done the talented Ms. French proud here with this wonderful piece. Let’s all keep making music and sharing the love! Namaste


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