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After giving my website a little makeover and getting a hang of creating content more regularly, it’s time to take the next plausible steps.

First, teaming up with companies / services that I would personally recommend. If it’s an affiliate program or not, a financial benefit is welcome, but no condition for me to promote them. I will very carefully choose who to regard part of my network.
The first two partners are the Thomann company, who sell all kinds of musical instruments and equipment and Electric Kiwi, a web design agency specialized on musicians.
That is primarily intended to build a network of services.

Secondly, let’s try to take the whole thing to the next level, financially. Meaning being able to invest in this work and corresponding projects.
I had a PayPal donation button on my website for quite a while. But I never actually felt good “asking” for donations. Even though there never has been a donation. So I just joined Patreon.
Because, on the other hand I would love to be able to invest in the content I create. I don’t need this to make a living. I got a job. My personal bills already get paid. Admitting, this is easier if you don’t need too much. But there are more things I’d like to do, like going to events and share that with you. Or being able to do some cool interviews and offer a nice incentive to the interviewee.

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