Treat yourself like peanut butter, don’t spread yourself too thin!

Sometimes I wish I had two heads, four hands and days with 36 hours.

If you feel the same sometimes, welcome to the club!

And since being in two places at the same time is impossible, we have to make compromises and set priorities.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that when there are limitless possibilities, exhaustion waits right around the corner. Just ask yourself once in a while: Do I want this, too?


If time management is not your strong suit, there’s a lot of help out there. Actually, you can find so much material on time management, you could keep yourself busy with that for the rest of your life. “How to waste your time with time management”

So, let me try to keep this one short.

HOW do we stop wanting to do everything? Here’s my solution/realization:

If I want to create great content AND do it all by myself, I have to specialize, meaning letting some projects go and not using all the opportunities available, just because they are.

If you can centralize your interests and efforts, you may realize, you DON’T NEED TO do everything and be everywhere. Neither in real life, nor online.

Having only two or three outlets at the beginning is a great idea, if you intend to master those.

Consistency and communications, especially being responsive, are much easier to handle like this, if you don’t have a team yet. These two factors are what create and grow an audience / fanbase that is real, loyal and long-lasting.

Just relax.

P.S.: How do you focus / how do you prioritize? I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments. Feel free to share your thoughts!



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