Your story as an independent artist

Wether you’re writing your bio, a press release or just a post on social media; Your individual story should be the thread that keeps it all together.





Let’s face it, there are unsigned artist like fish in the sea. Competition for attention is fierce. But why should you swim with the stream if you don’t need to?

“But you might have figured out by now: no one loves you like your mom does. And “just being yourself” sometimes needs a little help.” -Sonia Simone/copyblogger

You can build your story on a character or on your very own personal truth.

But take a look around and then take a look at yourself. What makes you different, what makes you stand out?

  • Your origin
  • Your history
  • Your musical taste / influences
  • Musical education
  • your approach in creating music
    collaborations, who and why
  • Lifestyle

To be authentic your story does not necessarily need to be 100 % reality. Using a character, maybe to keep a sane distance from the dangers of the limelight, might not be a bad idea. Please don’t try to be unique by dropping names. There’s nothing worse than someone adorning themselves with borrowed plumes.

When you’re authentic, your work and your interactions tell your story in the most genuine way

But what if you are a great artist in music and poetry, but not in copy writing?

write to I might be able to help 😉

How is your music supposed to gain audience when people aren’t curious about you?

Just posting a link to your site or music isn’t enough. Everybody does that. What I think every time is; But I don’t know why I should click on your specific link. Think before you post.

Have you ever written an application for a job you really wanted?

Why? Because if you have, you know a little about the attitude and work that is necessary for effective writing. You don’t just need to make YOUR point, but take your target audience’s point/s into consideration as well. That’s what sets your artistic work apart from good copywriting.

You are the one to choose the threads. There is still – in my opinion – too much oversharing online, so please choose wisely.

Now, let’s say, you’ve come up with your story or your character. But honestly, does it sound as good on paper as it sounds in your head? To other people?

It has to, because it’s much more than a bio. You’ll weave your story into every press release, social media post or post on your website. Just tiny little sprinkles, to make you shine.

You probably won’t use it verbatim (except for your bio) and it’s not just about the words. But the phrasing and the conveyed attitude will serve as the ground works for how you’ll portrait yourself socially and business-wise as an artist in the future

If you are an allround talent, congratulations! And I mean that. Getting your point across will need the ability to change your perspective. In contrast to your lyrics where it’s all about what goes on in your mind, your audience is/should be the focal point when it comes to any interaction.

If you’re struggling with the efforts it takes to do the research for effective copywriting, let me know.

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