What’s up with Creative Commons? 

I’ve been thinking a lot about Creative Commons lately. Judging from the lack of attention that topic gets on a mainstream level, I was wondering how popular Creative Commons and the relating licenses are.

As a legal scholar at heart, one of my focuses is copyright. Even though I, too, used services like Kazaa back in the day, I have come to realize the importance of copyright and its protection in general and more so in digital media. Combining this with my ambitions in independent music, I found there’s a lot of knowledge, that already exists, that needs to be explored, promoted and discussed for the improvement of most independent artists.

Is the CC initiative the saviour?

Creative Commons might be a solution to a fundamental problem of the digital age. How can you share your work with the public for (almost) free use without waiving your copyright? And on the other side, how can you get a license to use somebody else’s work without having to go through a tedious process of finding out the right contacts and license you need, even if it’s cost-free? Not to mention the scam potential this offers. This is why the Creative Commons initiative was brought to life.

I have found a great publication on this topic, which I would like to share and discuss with you, dear reader, over the near future. Therefore I would like to share excerpts of it, for you to digest one at a time, to open up a conversation.

You’ll find the first episode right here.

Audio version coming soon!

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